The day I found out I was going to be a dad

It’s a day I’ll never forget. Halloween 2018.

My girlfriend and I spent the evening with my family eating dinner and trick-or-treating. At one point we were in my car. My cousin’s daughter was sitting in the back and goes, “Eddy, we are going to have your gender reveal party this weekend”. I turn around and ask her if she knew something I didn’t. She’s just 8-years-old and makes the most random stuff up. She goes, “Yes you’re having a baby and we’re having a gender reveal party”. I play along and just laugh it off because at that time I had no idea my life was about to change. The whole time I’m not even paying attention to what my girlfriend is doing; I believe she was just laughing. But all I know it was about to be the worlds biggest jinx.

Later that evening, it’s just the both of us at my house. We sit there and start chatting. You guys probably know where this is going.

The talk starts to turn to the whole something might be up. One thing led to another and next thing we know a pregnancy test is in our hands. She wanted to wait and I wasn’t sure if I could just sit around and let the questions brew in my mind for days.

She goes off to take the test and I was sitting on the couch. What was probably a couple minutes felt like four hours. When I get uncomfortable, I grin and sometimes laugh. So when she comes around the corner, I have this cheesy look on my face as if I was eight years old and someone farted in the classroom. I could tell she had tears in her eyes, she hands me the pregnancy test and says, “I’m pregnant”.

I look at the test and exclaim, “You’re not!!!! It’s one line! One. Line! One line means not pregnant.”

Come to find out there were actually two lines. Those pregnancy test manufacturers were really sneaky making the second line extremely faint. I suggested getting another test JUST to make sure. She assured me the test was right. We both sat there in silence for a few minutes. People can judge me all they want but here was exactly what was going through my mind:

Holy sh*t. Is this real life?

This cannot be happening right now.

I counted out the months with my fingers and said to myself “At least the baby will arrive after March Madness

Holy sh*t, Eddy

Maybe my mom will stop pestering me about giving her a grandchild.

Wait a moment……is there still pee on this pregnancy test?

We sat there a little longer and I just blurted out, “Well………..what are we going to do?” We didn’t know exactly what but we made a commitment to go about things the right way.

The rest is history.