The day I found out I was going to be dad

The day I found out I was going to be dad is a story I enjoy telling, but before I begin I must give a little back history of myself.

I grew up in a very small family; Mom, Dad, Sister with a couple Aunts and Uncles with me being the last chance to extend my families last name another generation.

Growing up this was not an added burden or pressure put on me, but it was always a thought in the back of my mind. As I got a little older in my early 30’s I always thought about getting married and having children but was not sure when it was going to happen.  Then I met my beautiful wife Danielle and we both decided we wanted to start a family as soon as we got married.

We were married in October of 2016 and decided to wait a few weeks before we took our honeymoon in November. We had a wonderful cruise planned to the Caribbean for one week followed by a day planned at Universal Studios and Harry Potter World (Danielle is a huge Harry Potter fan). When we first stepped on our cruise ship we were overwhelmed with excitement. We were eager to explore all the features the ship had to offer.

This was the first cruise Danielle had ever been on and by the end of the first day, maybe the second day Danielle mentioned that she didn’t feel quite right. She was perhaps a tad nauseous but I just insisted that she had to let her body get used to being on the boat and she would adjust. During the course of our week long cruise, we had a fantastic time. Danielle mentioned being a little off a couple more times, but she certainly did not dwell on this. We simply just shrugged it off and considered it to be the constant motion of the ship. Once our cruise was finally over we were a little sad, but definitely excited about our only day we had at Universal.

The night before in the hotel we planned out our day to try to formulate a plan to maximize our time at the park. We arrived at the park early and went straight to Harry Potter World. I am not the super fan my wife is, but I will admit it was pretty cool. We walked around for a bit and then decided to get in line for a roller coaster. It was a very fun ride, but once we got done Danielle said she felt sick. I Insisted that it was just because she got off the roller coaster which went upside down and etc, all on an empty stomach. We then rode another ride and Danielle had the same result. So I said, lets stop and get something to eat, we ate something and then walked around a little bit. Danielle insisted that she just did not feel right. I kept saying maybe it was her body getting adjusted and acclimated to being back on land or maybe it was something she ate the night before, but I was  insistent that we were only here one day and we had to keep moving forward.  I mean after all, this was Danielle’s dream to visit Harry Potter World and I just wanted her to experience all it had to offer.

We pushed along for another hour or so, but by the middle of the afternoon, Danielle insisted that something was wrong.  So we decided to get an Uber and head back to the hotel. But while in the car Danielle thought it would be a good idea to go to a Walgreens and get some medicine and little did I know a pregnancy test as well. Once we got back to the room, we started to wind down a little bit, Danielle went to the bathroom and a few minutes later she was hollering at me to come in the bathroom and there it was, the pregnancy test. Me being the novice I am I was trying to analyze the test results. Then all of sudden we both looked at each other and a flood of emotion starting coming out of both of us. I was happy, I was scared, I was in disbelief and then I felt guilty for my negligence on how Danielle felt during our entire honeymoon.

I kept trying to tell her to shrug it off,  but instead it was our little boy Nolan Eugene LAMB born July 30th, 2017 telling us that he is coming to change our lives forever, in a way I never knew could be possible.  Once we got back to Wichita, Danielle took like 5 more pregnancy tests with all of them being the same result. We scheduled our first doctors visit immediately once we got home as well and the doctor confirmed that little Nolan was coming. (She also told us that one pregnancy test is sufficient, not five, oops!) It was at this time that Danielle and I decided to tell our friends and families that we were expecting little Nolan to come.

A couple months later we discovered the gender of the baby  and then it really became a reality that little Nolan Eugene will get to continue carrying on my family’s name. Not that this was the most important thing, but like I previously said, this was always a thought in the back of my mind.

Now the only thought I have in the back of my mind is when Danielle is going to make us go back to Harry Potter World again!!

Danielle and Nolan I love you!!!